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1.Artmap service terms and policies

1 General Rules

1-1 [Purpose]

These Artmap Terms of Service define rights and duty, responsibility between Artmap Company and Artmap members and member’s service use process about exhibitions/information service (“Service”) from artmap mobile application ART.Map(“Company”), which gives you art information like exhibitions, art festivals and art experience. These Artmap Terms of Service can apply to website and mobile service between company, members and users.

1-2 [Definition of Words]

  • Definition of words in Terms of Service are below and other words follow related law.

    1) ART.MAP : Art.map is imagined place that “Company” established in order to offer you “Service” using Computer, Smartphone and data communication installation.

    2) Members : People who give “Company” their information, allow ‘service use contract’ and then get ID.

    3) Users : People who give “Company” their information, use our service just one time and don’t sign up our membership.

    4) ID : It is a combination of letters and numbers that members make and company allow for members’ identification and service use.

    5) Password : It is a combination of letters and numbers that members make and company allow in order to check members’ identity and protect members’ information.

    6) Consignors (Gallery members and exhibition managers) : Members who want to promote or sell artworks, request exhibition ads and upload exhibition information using form that company give them on-line.

    7) Paid Service : As one of services by “Company”, “Members” can buy and use Products or services.

    8) Direct purchase : “Members” and “Users” pay money to use “Paid Service” of “Company” in “ART.Map”

    9) 9) Ask buy : Contact between sellers and members as accept immediate purchase prices that sellers(Gallery) notified

    10) Connected company : They operate sites connected by links and service screen of Company.

    11) Paid-month Service : As one of on-line curation service, It gives members information about invitation to exhibit, contents push and mail brochure.

    12) Private Information : ‘Personal Information’ in subdivision 2, Clause 1, Article 6 of law about use of data communication network and protection of information (“Information and communications network act”)

1-3 [Notice, Effect and Modification of Terms]

  • A. Company post Artmap terms of service on Artmap service page so that users and members can understand it well and use services.
  • B. If Artmap modifies Terms of service, company notifies Members of the effective date of modifications and reasons for modifications and post them on Artmap main page for seven days before the effective date.

    In this case, Company notifies differences of contents between before and after-modification so that members can understand them easily.

    C. These Terms of service are basic terms for service use contract between company and members. If company needs additional terms, company will notify conditions applied to certain services(Individual terms) in advance. If members accepts these individual terms and use certain services, Individual terms prevail, and these Artmap Terms of Service get supplemental effects.

    D. “Members” and “Users” admit that “Company” gets all rights including all intellectual property like copyrights, secondary copyrights and patent rights which are legally protected in “Site” and application services.

    E. Except the case notified in total terms, “Members” and “Users” admit not to get any “rights of Company” which are legally protected in “Site” and application services.

    F. “Members” and “Users” can read, download, publish, revise or distribute contents of “Site” and application for just private usage on the way that “company” allows explicitly. Allowance of limited use in this reference or allowance of use in other references can’t interpreted as members and users get any rights or special admissions on contents of “Site” and application.

    G. “Members” and “Users” agree not to change, apply or translate contents of “Site” and application or their software or file and make secondary copyrights, decompile, reverse engineering, disassemble or extract source code on other way. Also, “Members” and “Users” agree not to access to contents of “Site” and application or exclusive information and make substitutes or similar services or products.

    H. To use contents of “Site” and application, “Members” and “Users” should get allowance from owners of contents in advance.

    I. “Members” and “Users” agree not to remove, destroy or change notice marks of copyrights or other exclusive rights attached or included in service, software or piles of “Company”.

1-4. [Preserve Records]

  • 1. “Company” preserves records of each number(1.1, 1.2) by law of protecting consumers on electronic commerce.
    1.1 Records of use contract or withdrawal of subscription
    1.2 Records of payment (information such as name, address and resident registration number, which can identify who paid money)

1-5. [Resolve disputes]

  • 1. “Company” installs and operates customer center or organization to reflect reasonable comments or complaints from “Members” and reward their damages.
  • 1. “Company” resolve complaints and comments from “Members” first of all. However, if “Company” can’t deal with it rapidly, “Company” notifies members of the reasons and handling day.

1-6 [Fee and payment of service]

1. Signing up as a “Member” and registering exhibits are free. However, additional services can be offered as paid service like paid options in order to expose information effectively to company members or company visited a site.

2. If “Company” offers paid services, “company“ should notify fee on site.

4. “Members” can choose one of the payment methods made by company to pay fee of paid services and need to enter correctly personal information to pay fee.

5. “Company” is not responsible for losses that “Members” caused by entering false or inaccurate information.

1-7 [Withdrawal of Service, refund and modification of errors]

1. As a rule, “Company” doesn’t refund fees in case that “Members” violate service use contract, and there would be additional restrictions of limited service use.

2. “Company” refunds fees in cases of 2.1~2.3. However, in case of upper case (number 1), “Company” is not responsible for refund.

2.1. Paid services are not initiated.

2.2. Service use is not available for network or system errors.

2.3. After applying paid service, Service is canceled because of “members” condition.

3. Member should request refund on the phone-call to get fees back.

4. Company checks situation as soon as company gets request from members, and if situation is match with refund condition, company refunds money that removes fee of paid service, which is original price that notified in paid service contracts, for a period when paid service is finished. In case of deposit without bankbook, company refunds money through remitter’s account.

5. If there is error of service fee, Company deals with it by users’ request or prior notification from “Company”.

A. Company returns money in case of over-paid fee. However, if users agree, company charges next-month fee that removes over-paid money.

B. If user who will get a refund has default on fee, company refunds money that removes defaulted fee.

C. In case of under demanded money, “Company” demands total money in next month.

1-8 Copyright of the post

1. The copyright of the posts (including transfer between members) posted by the member in the service is owned by the member and the company reserves the right to post it in the service.

2. The company may not use the post for other purposes without the consent of the member who posted the post.

3. The Company shall not be liable for civil and criminal liability for any posts posted by the Member in the Service, even if they infringe on the copyrights of others or the copyright of the Program. If the company receives an objection from another person, such as a claim for damages, because the member infringes the copyright of another person, the copyright of the program, etc., the member must endeavor to exempt the company, If the company is not exempt, the member must bear all damages incurred thereby.

4. The company can delete the post posted by the member if the member cancels the usage contract or if the usage contract is canceled for a legitimate reason. If the member's post contains content that violates laws related to information communication network use promotion and information protection and related laws such as copyright law, the right holder will post it based on the procedure established by the related laws and regulations. You can ask the company to take down, delete, etc., and the company must take measures based on the relevant laws and regulations.

Effective date : May 8, 2020

본 약관 적용일자: 2020년 05월08일

2.Artmap Privacy Policy

Artmap Privacy Policy Artmap composes privacy policy stated below to protect consumer’s personal information and handle with difficulties rapidly under privacy law clause 30.
※ Privacy Policy is based on modified rules of KISA in 2019. 1. [Purpose of Privacy policy] Artmap collects personal information for purposes stated below and doesn’t use information for other purposes. - Confirmation of intention to sign up, personal identification and conformation to offer services, maintenance and management of membership, payment of supplying products or services, supply and delivery of products or services, etc. 2. [Period of use and storage] 1) Artmap uses and stores personal information within period of use and storage that users agree when Artmap collects information or enacted period of use and storage. 2) Specific period of use and storage is stated below.
- Sign-up and management : Period is until users cancel service use contracts or withdraw memberships. However, if there is relationship of credits and defaults between company and members, period is until relationship is settled up. - Record of supply such as contracts, withdrawal of subscription, payment or money on electronic commerce : 5 years 3. [Offer privacy to the third party] Artmap doesn’t provide personal information to the third party except user’s additional agree or special rule in law by privacy law clause 17. 4. [Consign personal information] Artmap notifies prohibition of using personal information, limit of re-consignment and management, supervision and responsibility of consignees on document by privacy policy clause 25 and supervise whether consignees use safely personal information. 5. [Users and legal representative’s rights, duty and method to use rights] Users can use rights stated below at any time. A. Request to read personal information. B. Request to revise errors of personal information C. Request to delete personal information D. Request to stop using personal information 6. [Personal Information Clauses] Artmap uses personal information stated below. - Email Address, gender, nickname, address (city, province), age 7. [Destruction of personal information] A. Artmap destructs personal information in case of over-period of storage or accomplishment of using purpose. B. Artmap destructs personal information on the way stated below. - Electronic piles : Delete piles and format storage like disks. - Documents : Grind or Burn 8. [Action to protect privacy] Artmap takes action to protect personal information. A. Administrative action : Establish and operate internal management plan and take regular education for officers and employees B. Technical action : Manage access rights through setting password on personal information system, install security program like vaccine software and encode piles stored personal information. C. Physical action : Lock a storage of personal information and regulate access. 9. [Installation, operation and rejection of automatic machine collecting personal information] A. Artmap uses ‘Cookie’ which stores and uses usage information in order to offer personalized service for users B. Cookie is a few amount of data that server(http) used to operate web-site sends to users’ computer browser and is stored in hard disk inside users’ computer. a. Purpose of cookie : Purpose of cookie is to analyze visit, usage form, popular keyword and safety or danger access, and offer personalized information for users. b. Installation, operation and rejection of cookie : Users can reject to store cookie through ‘Device in upper web browser > internet option > setting option of personal information menu’ c. If users reject to store cooke, it will be difficult to use personalized service. 10. [Chief privacy officer & responsible personnel] Artmap designates managers in charge of protecting personal information in order to manage tasks of personal information and deal with users’ complaints and damages related to personal information. A. Chief privacy officer Name : Sun-Yeong Kim State : CEO State : CEO B. Personal information manger Name : Sun Yeon Choi State : officer Adress : contact@art-map.co.kr 11. Effect date of privacy policy is May 8, 2019