To break down the closure of the art market,
founded with curator, database expert, software developer, writer, planner.

ARTMAP is becoming a new online platform in art market with the following points.
Continuous efforts to build database for works, authors, galleries and exhibition spaces,
being selected as a K-Global bigdata start-up technical enterprise, prize winner in the Utilize Cultural data competition
being selected as a good contents service, customer survey through 4th Smart Venture campus,
and other internal·external consulting.

Based on the data analysis of existing curation services ARTMAP, under the cooperation of Naver Cloud Platform(NCP),
we are designing art cloud system that allows artists to manage their own portfolio,
ARTLOG, a blockchain-based authenticating solution, which research
the reliability of the art world, and connection between the blockchain and the art-industry.

By participating 2019MWC 4yfn as the first art platform of Korea,
we wish to be selected as Seoul start-up hub blockchain enterprise
and set a goal to becom a first mover as ART Dapp.

Team Reference