Jang Ucchin 30 Anniversary Exhibition: Home,Family, Nature and Jang Uccin
Period| 2021.01.13 - 2021.02.28
Operating hours| From Tuesday To Sunday 10:00 ~ 18:00
Space| Hyundai Hwarang
Address| 241, Banghak-ro, Dobong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Closed| holiday
Price| Free
Phone| 02-3491-9990
Web site| 홈페이지 바로가기
Jang Uk jin

Exhibition Information

			The Hyundai gallery will hold <Home, Family, and Jang Uccine> to commemorate the 30th anniversary of painter Jang Uccine

Jang Uccine is a writer who has shown an unrivaled world of painting in the history of modern and contemporary art in Korea. He painted everyday images such as home, family, and nature on the canvas with a sentimental shape and unique color that seemed to be drawn by a child. Emphasizing that "I am simple," the artist's aesthetic of simplicity and the ideal of simple life are all contained in his work.

<Home, Family, Nature and Jang Uccine> is an exhibition that focuses on the motif of house, family, and nature, which is the main subject and theme of Jang Uccine's work. From an early work, to the work of his later years, picture all over the colony of Japanese imperialism in the three elements that appear separately and together, and the Korean War, of artist who lived through a period of turbulence.The spirit is captured.

The simple rectangular and three-pronged house is the only resting place to protect the family from the devastated environment after the war. Jang Uccine's work and home (atelier) are inseparable enough to discuss the working conditions based on the studio of Deokso, Myeongnyundong, Suanbo, and Singal. The family represents feelings of love and happiness, as well as a special presence that materially helped them walk the path of a full-time writer. Nature, full of idyllic atmosphere, is a home and family home, a place of peace where humans and animals coexist, and a place that implies the author's dogmatic worldview.

I hope that this exhibition will reconfirm his beautiful formative language, which includes humor, freedom, and innocence, and it will be a precious and special time for him to feel his love for his family and now forgotten fairy tale world.			
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